Elegant Trainwreck

elegant trainwreck

Whit Ramsey of the Empty Handed Painters is the first presenter at Cups Coffee Shop Vinyl Afternoon

Saturday June 7

Cups Espresso Cafe in Fondren
2757 Old Canton Rd., Jackson, Mississippi 39216

Whit Ramsey is the drummer for one of the newest members of Homework Town/Elegant Trainwreck, the Empty Handed Painters. Check him out at Cups in Fondren (Jackson) as he plays and talks about a few of his favorite records.

The name really says it all. We are beginning a series of record listening get-togethers at Cups in Fondren. The idea is for one person to bring a few records to the shop and talk about their importance or their history, as well as play them for the audience. This series will happen every two weeks on Saturday afternoons from 3pm til 5pm. Each one will have a different host. Every one from musicians, djs, chefs, politicians, vinyl lovers, etc etc etc are invited to host or just come a listen with the rest of us.

The first one will be hosted by Whit Ramsey. You may know Whit from his musical endeavors, bands Wolves Like Sheep and The Empty Handed Painters. He is a young up and coming musician in our city. Hopefully you will be able to make it out to hear what he has to say and what records he will be spinning for us.

Brought to you in part by Elegant Trainwreck Productions and Homework Town Records.