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Swamp Babies!

Elegant Trainwreck's newest addition Swamp Babies spent the weekend at Morningbell Records and Studio in Jackson recording their highly-anticipated debut album. Look for the release during the first half of 2013.

In the meantime, check out a couple videos from Swamp Babies most recent show in Jackson at Sneaky Beans for the Priced to Move pop-up art gallery. The art show featured vol. 3 of the Blender series, which is put on by Elegant Trainwreck and our sister label Homework Town. The Blender puts together Jackson's favorite bands and hip hop artists for unique performances. Swamp Babies backed up Skipp Coon at this Blender. Check it out below.

Swamp Babies feat. Skipp Coon

Swamp Babies "Tomorrow's Going to be a Real Good Day"