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Standard Issues and Alex Fraser to Release Split EP, “After the Fact,” on August 12

The debut release from Alex Fraser and Standard Issues, the split EP "After the Fact," is set to be released on August 12. Be sure to check back for preorder information.

The release will be celebrated with a FREE show in Jackson, MS at Sneaky Beans on August 12 at 7 PM.

Elegant Trainwreck Productions and Homework Town Records are excited to announce their newest release, “After the Fact,” a split EP from Jackson, MS based artists Standard Issues (Victoria Fortenberry) and Alex Fraser. This is the debut from each artist.

Victoria, 19, grew up around Jackson in a house full of music, with a “living room folk singer by night” father who used old hymn books and drawings to teach his kids how to play guitar. By the time her teenage angst hit, Victoria says, she picked up the guitar and started writing her own songs. And then, she says, “about a year and a half ago I tripped and fell into the Jackson music scene and played my first set. Since then I have been on the edge of my seat, pee-my-pants-excited for every show, every new musician I get to work with or support, every new song, everything. I love music with a brand of audacity I never thought I had.”

Victoria’s honest, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes uplifting songs are often played solo with either an acoustic guitar or keyboard and can have an intensity to them that is countered by the softness of the singing and playing. “A local artist friend told me one time that my songs made him feel haunted, but that they were comforting. I carry that particular description close to my heart,” she says.

Alex, 25, moved to Jackson in 2009 to attend college and has stuck around for work and to pursue his music. Taking influence from everything in the spectrum between bluegrass and death metal, Alex plays stripped down and intimate songs with just an acoustic guitar, oftentimes writing new songs on his lunch break with his boss’s guitar.

More recently, Alex has added a full band, The Vagrant Family Band, to his performance. “Having made the jump to a full band has definitely helped expand my songwriting in new and interesting ways, and I think is constantly helping me to improve. Having a few other sets of ears can work wonders,” he says.

For both artists, the music is all about the feelings it can evoke. “I hope that this record in particular conveys a message in every song that is relatable in some way. Most of us have felt some heartache, most of us have wanted to change in some way, or wanted to pack up and leave. I want folks to not only understand how felt when writing these songs, but to be able to bridge a connection to their own lives through the record. I hope that in general I can cause people to dance, have fun, and sing along,” Alex says. “The feeling of human connection, innocent love, the way you feel when you’re listening to a little boy talk about a girl he likes. I hope that when people listen to my music they hear that. I hope that something as silly as music that’s called experimental indie pop can give someone a feeling of honest pure affection,” Victoria adds. “And then I hope we can all go to brunch together.

“After the Fact” will be the twelfth release from Elegant Trainwreck Productions and Homework Town Records, the label partnership established by Jackson’s Cody Cox and Garrad Lee in 2012. Past Releases from Furrows, 5th Child, Dream Cult, James Crow, The Empty Handed Painters, Swamp Babies, Jaxx City, Cody Cox, and more have spanned numerous genres and styles, showcasing the labels’ commitment to promoting all facets of the Jackson, MS music world.

The release show will be held at Sneaky Beans (2914 N State St, Jackson, MS 39206) at 7 PM. The show is free and copies of the EP will be available for sale.