Elegant Trainwreck

elegant trainwreck

Special Deal #1 for Anniversary Show

The Elegant Trainwreck/Homework Town Show is only a few days away. Click HERE to get all the information you need. It's shaping up to be huge, and we got all kinds of cool stuff on tap for the night.

We'll have all kinds of merch available, including some brand new shirts. We have also put together a compilation CD of some of our favorite stuff from the labels. A few things you have maybe heard, and a bunch you maybe haven't. Those will be $5. What a deal!

But wait. Since we are such nice guys, we are going to hook you up with a deal: You pay $10 instead of $7 at the door and you get the CD! That's $3 for the CD! What a steal!

See you all there and thanks as always for the support.