Elegant Trainwreck

elegant trainwreck

Elegant Trainwreck/Homework Town at On Location Memphis


On Location: Memphis is an international film and music festival. On Location: MEMPHIS’ mission is to advance, educate and inspire filmmakers, musicians, students and professionals in the cinema and music arts; to connect the regional audience to the work of local and global filmmakers and musicians; and to collaborate with other organizations to strengthen the film and music community and boost the economic development of Memphis.

On April 25th and 26th, several Elegant Trainwreck/Homework Town artists will be performing at the legendary Newby's as part of the festival. On the 25th, 5th Child will hit the stage at 10PM as part of the hip hop showcase. On the 26th, The Weekend Kids (8PM), Passing Parade (9PM), and The Empty Handed Painters (10PM) will be rocking the stage.

If you are in Memphis, come check out the festival and the music.